Musette Yacht

Eden Roc
4525 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33140

New Yearís Eve really brings out the best in all of us. If thereís one night of the year that we anticipate more than any other, itís definitely this one. Months before the big night arrives we start planning what weíll wear, who weíll spend the night with, and most importantly, where weíll spend the night. However, the procrastinator in all of us also tends to come around this time of the year. While invites tend to flood our emails and flyers are placed all over our cars, itís a little tough to decide where youíll be spending the night. Miamiís known to host some of the best New Yearís Eve events in the country. The top nightclubs, lounges, bars, and restaurants in the country are in Miami, but one of the most anticipated parties for New Yearís Eve isnít at any of them. This year, prepare to take the party to the water as the famous Musette yacht takes off filled with bodies ready to welcome in the new year. Featuring 4-hours of open bar, a special champagne toast at midnight, music served up by a live DJ, and a full dinner buffet, you really couldnít ask for more!

Upcoming Events aboard The Musette Yacht

New Year's Eve Fireworks Gala Aboard The Musette Yacht

Wed, December 31, 2014 at 8:00 PM

New York City and Las Vegas get a lot of attention on New Year's Eve. But there's no denying that it doesn't stack up with the weather and upper-echelon entertainment provided in Miami. It's a buzzing metropolis packed with fun on any given day of the year. But when it comes to the last night of the year, every aspect of the night is intensified, no matter where you spend it!